The manufacture of a windlass spacer for a Freedom 33


Figure 1 Freedom 33 mast collar prior to clean up

Geoff came into our workshop with a cracked mast collar, looking for a repair or replacement. We examined the collar and after removing the scale and old paint were able to grind out and re weld the cracked section saving Geoff the drama of manufacturing a new collar.

Figure 2 Freedom 33 windlass – spacer has clearly seen better days

Geoff took this as a challenge and the next day returned with his windlass:
The deck spacer had seen better days – clearly a replacement was required, so we set to and fabricated a new spacer to suit. The new spacer was fabricated from three pieces, two end sets which bolted to the existing windlass components and a tube section.

Figure 3 Windlass spacer components prior to welding


Figure 4 Completed windlass spacer