Masrm 720 – new mast base

Sabine and Richard have a Masrm 720, built in the mid 70’s by Merv Andersen. Unfortunately, time and the sea are no respecters of pedigree and corrosion had done its evil work with the mast base, reducing it to a …

Northbridge Senior 14 – NS14 – new mast section

This project was a little unusual in that the NS14 / MG classes were looking for a new supplier to provide an updated version of their original mast section. As the plan was to bulk purchase mast sections the clubs …

Joe’s furler

Joe came to us with his Sabre 22 looking for new standing rigging and a new rudder box. To make things interesting he had purchased a second hand rolling furler and asked us to fit it to his rig. To …

New mast for Revel


Having watched Patrick sail of into the distance, Norman wondered if perhaps he too could do with some rigging sprucing and the extra speed that a taught rig would grant.
So, a call to Karl and its down to Williamstown for a consult and assessment. A chill but clear day as it turned out, a nice opportunity to get out and see what others are doing as well as take a closer look at Revel.
After some discussion of options, it was decided that Revel could do with a new anodized tapered mast, boom, standing and running rigging all to get that extra edge that the catches the zephyrs. Oh, and to give Patrick something to think about.


Revel in Williamstown

Karl inspects the rig. An on site inspection allows us to spot the subtly differences between rigs that make a complete replacement like this a seamless experience.

A little corroded, but nothing that can’t be put right with a little care and effort.

Recording the rigging detail.

The new boom waiting to be shipped.

The new master taper – ready to send off for anodising.

Cleat plate for main sheet traveler

We love to customise components for your boat, like this cleat plate for use on Rod Tate’s cat. A simple sketch or description starts the ball rolling. After a consultation we will produce a sketch or drawing, depending on the …

New mast for a Farr 7500

Farr 7500 waiting for a new mast.

Stainless steels are corrosion resistant, but tragically salt water is like the Borg “resistance is futile.” Futile might be overstating the case but stainless steel is only corrosion resistant, its resistance comes from the oxidisation of chromium in the stainless …

Building a gooseneck and outhaul plug for a Holland 25

Lloyd Hentrick wanted a new a new gooseneck and outhaul for his boat “Aquarius.”  Aquarius is a Holland 25 originally built in 1978, an IOR Quarter Tonner Yacht designed by Ron Holland, to read more about the Holland class click …

A new mast for Tandeka

Tandeka is a Bluebird, designed by the late Mr Ken Watts in the mid 40’s, like many an old boat she was in need of some attention. The photos show the story, time and the sea had been working there …

The manufacture of a windlass spacer for a Freedom 33

Geoff came into our workshop with a cracked mast collar, looking for a repair or replacement. We examined the collar and after removing the scale and old paint were able to grind out and re weld the cracked section saving …