New mast for Revel

Having watched Patrick sail of into the distance, Norman wondered if perhaps he too could do with some rigging sprucing and the extra speed that a taught rig would grant.
So, a call to Karl and its down to Williamstown for a consult and assessment. A chill but clear day as it turned out, a nice opportunity to get out and see what others are doing as well as take a closer look at Revel.
After some discussion of options, it was decided that Revel could do with a new anodized tapered mast, boom, standing and running rigging all to get that extra edge that the catches the zephyrs. Oh, and to give Patrick something to think about.


Revel in Williamstown

Karl inspects the rig. An on site inspection allows us to spot the subtly differences between rigs that make a complete replacement like this a seamless experience.

A little corroded, but nothing that can’t be put right with a little care and effort.

Recording the rigging detail.

The new boom waiting to be shipped.

The new master taper – ready to send off for anodising.