Masrm 720 – new mast base

Corrosion and tide wait for who?

Sabine and Richard have a Masrm 720, built in the mid 70’s by Merv Andersen. Unfortunately, time and the sea are no respecters of pedigree and corrosion had done its evil work with the mast base, reducing it to a swiss cheese until the fateful moment when it gave up.

Revised plug and base

Sabine called asking if we could repair the unit by welding. After an inspection it seemed unlikely that the base would stand more welding, it had clearly had numerous repairs over the years. We made a number of inquiries amongst other boat builders and suppliers and found that while the original casing is no longer available a replacement plug and base are available.
Richard wasn’t keen on the full replacement as it meant he would have to disturb the cabin top, and the revised plug would need the mounting base further forward, to match its base. So we proposed fabricating a replacement plug. A couple of hours with the cad software, the cnc laser cutting files were ready for dispatch

Components ready for welding

Three days later we had the alloy components and were ready to assemble the replacement plug, for about the same cost as the replacement plug and base.

Pre-welding, dimensional checks

Finished plug