Building a gooseneck and outhaul plug for a Holland 25

Lloyd Hentrick wanted a new a new gooseneck and outhaul for his boat “Aquarius.”  Aquarius is a Holland 25 originally built in 1978, an IOR Quarter Tonner Yacht designed by Ron Holland, to read more about the Holland class click here.

Lloyd wanted the control lines and sheaves incorporated into a single plug at each end of the boom, as these fittings are not readily available for a 90mm boom section we had to design and machine components to suit his boom section.

Below are a series of photos from raw alloy billet to finished product.

Stage 1 – cutting the three sheave slots in the billet.

Machining sheave slots for outhaul plug

Stage 2 – Turn the billet down to match the boom section.

Outhaul plug in the lathe, being turned down to match the boom section.

Stage 3 – trying out our “new” hacksaw

the “new” saw makes light work of a 90mm billet

Stage 4 Milling a tang for the gooseneck.

Gooseneck plug – preparation for tang milling

Milling gooseneck plug tang

Stage 5 fit to boom and check operation before calling Lloyd.

gooseneck plug fitted to boom

outhaul fitted and to the boom

Stage 6 on the boat!

goosneck plug snug in new home

The outhaul and boom in service.