A range of Aluminium mast sections to suit sail craft and yachts of all styles.


Rare and hard to find mast and boom castings, mast bases, plugs and cranes.


Fico, Ronstan and Riley rigging fittings for all occasions.


Windslyce recirculating ball cars and sliders cars for deck travellers and full batten main systems.

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Keeley Marine offers a wide range of rigging and engineering services including:

· aluminium and stainless steel welding

· fabrication and machining of bespoke components

· wire rigging and swaging

· rope splicing

for the repair and upkeep of your vessel.

Here are some examples of our past work.

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windslyce logo Keeley Marine manufacture and supply the full range of Windslyce travellers and Full Batten Main systems.
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Historic data

For those of you with older craft, looking for original spceifcation etc, take a look at the manuscripts we found in Bob’s locker


Masrm 720 – new mast base

Sabine and Richard have a Masrm 720, built in the mid 70’s by Merv Andersen. Unfortunately, time and the sea are no respecters of pedigree and corrosion had done its evil work with the mast base, reducing it to a …

Northbridge Senior 14 – NS14 – new mast section

This project was a little unusual in that the NS14 / MG classes were looking for a new supplier to provide an updated version of their original mast section. As the plan was to bulk purchase mast sections the clubs …

Joe’s furler

Joe came to us with his Sabre 22 looking for new standing rigging and a new rudder box. To make things interesting he had purchased a second hand rolling furler and asked us to fit it to his rig. To …

New mast for Revel

Having watched Patrick sail of into the distance, Norman wondered if perhaps he too could do with some rigging sprucing and the extra speed that a taught rig would grant. So, a call to Karl and its down to Williamstown …

Cleat plate for main sheet traveler

We love to customise components for your boat, like this cleat plate for use on Rod Tate’s cat. A simple sketch or description starts the ball rolling. After a consultation we will produce a sketch or drawing, depending on the …

Farr 7500 waiting for a new mast.

New mast for a Farr 7500

Stainless steels are corrosion resistant, but tragically salt water is like the Borg “resistance is futile.” Futile might be overstating the case but stainless steel is only corrosion resistant, its resistance comes from the oxidisation of chromium in the stainless …


I would like to thank you for the great work carried out by your company over the past couple of months. The innovation and detail for quality to achieve prompt results has been outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending your services for the quality of workmanship, quick response and reasonable expense.


Always helpful, old school marine supplies business with a lot of bits and character.


Having an older small keel boat its sometimes hard to find parts for it as was the case when I wanted a new boom with the blocks set up at the ends so I could have all the control lines running internally and remove the wire outhaul. Someone recommended Keeley Marine, I took my problem to Karl and after some discussion he came up with the solution thats now posted on the web and I must say it works great. He got it finished within the time frame he said he would and the quality of workmanship is fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Karl to solve your rigging problems and if I may add at a reasonable cost.

Lloyd Hetrick

The mast went together well, a little bit of muck around with standing rigging and we managed to get the boat up to the Gippsland Lakes for the Easter Regatta at GLYC. Had some good fun races and no disasters. On return to Mornington Yacht club have had quite a few comments on what a good looking stick! Thank you again for all your help and advice.

Graeme Vertigan